Android M Spotted Before the Release of Android L

Rumors are emerging that Google will release Android L with Nexus devices somewhere in the month of October. Recently, the most surprising rumor proposed that Google is currently working on the Android M. Though the company has not yet released the Android L. In the past few months, several detailed speculations related to Android L […]


iPhone Update: Turn-On “Hey Siri” On Your iPhone

In the past few years, the method of communication with video game consoles, cars and smart phones has altered a lot. Although touch screens and buttons are still quite a trustworthy manner, but gradually voice activations are taking their places. It is more convenient to active your device through your voice. Therefore, Apple launched the […]

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Researchers found evidence of 220 years old fight

At the starting period of dinosaurs, huge reptiles controlled the world.  They lived on Earth as well as on water. However, it was believed that they did not communicate that much with each other. Recently, UT researchers unearthed a tooth which was present in the thigh of one of these ancient animals. This discovery puts […]


A Set of Swarmies – NASA’s Latest Exploration Robots.

NASA has established its first Swarmie group of robots which are quite similar to the accessory of children. People are unable to regard it  as a powerful exploration robot since it is rather small and full of colors. It is the most smaller NASA’s exploration searchers up till now. It has nothing similar to any […]